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1992年 東京生まれ
2011年 私立吉祥女子入学卒
2015年 東京芸術大学入学 美術学部建築学科卒
変わったものや学際的なモノが好き。 絵を書いたりコード作ったりモデリングしたり。


I’m a master student in the Department of Architecture, Tokyo University of the Arts. I’m working on how to apply  mathematical patterns found in nature to the modern structures in architecture.



2015 Apr –

Tokyo University of the Arts  M.A. in Architecture

2011 Apr – 2015 Mar

Tokyo University of the Arts  B.A. in Architecture

Work Experience

2015 Apr –

Tokyo University of Technology position:Teaching Assistant/advising students how to design and create well

2013 May –

Plus-Movement LLC. position:Web Designer and Coder/made several Web sites by designning and coding


design with programming

I can design and modeling by using Grasshopper in Rhinoceros and Python. And also I can use the mashine tools under computer control to realize it.

drawing illustrations

I can represent things I thought and tell by drawing sketches.